A 2 Passi dagli Dei was created and is run by the family, who wanted to create the perfect place for you to spend your holiday as paart of the family and seeped in local tradition and beauty. The idea was born in 2012 when the eldest daughter Maddalena (restaurant director by trade) and her fiancée Salvatore (chef) tired of working in the “colder” North, longed for the warmth of their South and returned home. They convinced Maddalena’s parents Antonio and Gerardina to transform the ground floor of the house where Gerardina had had her atelier of Positano Fashion years before.




They combined their refined taste with their sensitivity to rich local colours, flavours and crafts and, together with local master craftsmen, they designed and built this dream spot. They chose green as the key decorative colour because from the 800 metre altitude you are completely immersed in the luxuriant nature of the Mediterranean bush and you have a breathtaking view of the Amalfi Peninsula.






They commissioned hand-painted tiles to portray the valley’s surrounding mountain ridges. Each room has these tiles on one of the bed-tables. They ased for naval construction of the added details like handpainted tiles, key-joined planks which display the beauty of the irregularity and knots in the wood, and the garden, where breakfast is served, a place to relax mind and body day and evening, sipping a glass of wine. Inside there is a great sitting room with fireplace and bookshelves – where you can make yourself at home.


A 2 Passi dagli Dei is a place you can spend your holidays in relaxing comfort cuddled in the flavours of local traditions, surrounded by exquisite landscapes only a heart-beat away from the diamond Amalfi Coast of  Italy with its famous, quaint famous jewels of coastal towns, eating magnificent food and drinking superb wines.




We offer shuttle serve to and from Amalfi which is both more rapid than the public shuttle service and guarantees you a seat.

For timetables and other information about the service please contact us.